Meet Our Team


Bronson Pactanac, Biller

Bronson first joined Bright Smile Dental in June 2019. He was born on the island of Hawai’i, moved to Washington in 2018, and recently moved back to Hawai'i with his wife and two kids. He now does billing remotely from there after three years of experience working full time in the Bright Smile office at the front desk.


Veronica - Lead Dental Assistant

Veronica grew up in Michigan, but has since traveled all across the country. She’d always been encouraged to try joining the medical field, but didn’t originally see where she might go. When she first started dental assisting, she was surprised by how quickly she took to it. Now she’s Bright Smile’s Lead Dental Assistant, and an incredibly important member of this team.

On her days off, Veronica enjoys cooking, baking, and having game nights with her friends.


Carl - Dental Assistant

Carl Andrei Pedro grew up in California, but the beautiful nature attracted him to come and live in the state of Washington. He currently lives in Tacoma and enjoys going on hikes and exploring nature on his days off.

Carl’s been great at wanting to learn more every day. We all enjoy his sincerity and hard-working nature.


Alix - Front Office

Alix originated from Southern California, grew up in the suburbs, and lived as a sojourner in pursuit of her life’s purpose & calling. She has always had a passion to live up to her name as “helper of mankind.” Through a myriad of jobs and connecting with people from all walks of life, she has gained a love for learning & developing life skills that she enjoys sharing with others through her work as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach.

She moved to the beautiful state of Washington in June of 2020 to marry Dr. de la Paz and begin their ministry of marriage to serve and help others through starting a church plant and working with their team at Bright Smile Dental to be a center of influence in their local community.